Staff Directory

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Rabbis & Cantor

Name Title Phone
Danny Burkeman Senior Rabbi 508-358-9992 x 207
Hollis Schachner Cantor 508-358-9992 x206
Herman Blumberg Rabbi Emeritus 508-358-9992
Name Title Phone
Rebecca Weinstein Rabbinic Fellow (508) 358-9992

Religious School and Youth Community Staff

Name Title Phone
Aviva Scheur Director of Education 508-358-9992 x205
Jenna Friedman Director of Youth Engagement (508) 358-9992
Elizabeth Suga Education Coordinator 508-358-9992 x211

Early Learning Center Staff

Name Title Phone
Sandy Gold Director Early Learning Center 508-358-4331
Pam Knowles Early Learning Center Administrator 508-358-4331

Executive Director and Office Staff

Name Title Phone
Susan Altman Executive Director 508-358-9992 x214
Karen Edwards Assistant to the Rabbis and Cantor 508-358-9992 x210
Toni Spitzer Member Services Manager 508-358-9992 x200
Lucy Dube Bookkeeper 508-358-9992 x215

Facilities Staff

Name Title Phone
Mike Buianowski Facilities 508-358-9992
Julio Machado Facilities 508-358-9992